"... It suddenly dawned on me what a techno-fixated idiot I’d been. This whole business with film cameras, tape recorders and computers was never going to get me anywhere. The answer was much simpler, and under my nose all along ..."

"... It began when I read about a man in a fishing community on the north island of New Zealand. He had made friends with a wild dolphin and claimed that all he had to do to get the dolphin to come was to build up in his mind’s eye a picture of the creature playing in the surf off the beach. Almost invariably within an hour there was the dolphin doing just that! ..."

Dolphin leaping

"... I usually spend the winter in Stockholm, working on my recorded material and planning the next season’s field work.

"... But that winter I spent most of my time in the university library, reading anything I could find that might give a clue as to how I could better my technique. It seemed to me that there were no limits to what one might achieve. This was more than just understanding a few standard phrases. This was something else ..." 




Twin cranes

"... Well, I tried the trick on my cranes – more for fun than anything else. But to my surprise, it worked. If I concentrated hard enough on imagining them on my side of the lake – lo and behold, there they were. I didn’t tell anyone about this of course. They would laugh their heads off at the institute and I certainly didn’t want to lose my research grant ..."